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Top Bookmakers for the Premier League

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In the punting world, Autumn 2017 is a cornucopia of betting opportunities.

On the 18th of August, Germany’s primary football competition, the Bundesliga kicked off. A week later, the legendary Mayweather and infamous McGregor duelled in one of the most lucrative matches in combat sports history.

And on the 11th, Arsenal and Leicester opened up the top flight of English football – the English premier league.

Markets on top tier football tournaments can be found on every bookmaker sportsbook out there. So, we have sifted through the plethora of bookies out there to find the top bookmakers for the Premier League.

With the first match only days away, bookmakers have already set up wagers on futures, totals, and props. And with so many sportsbooks to choose from, and football’s enormous popularity, the sea of information and opportunities that will come at you will seem overwhelming.

Betting On A League – 3 Tips To Keep In Mind

If you’re not familiar with the Premier League and want to bet on the sport, we suggest you read up. Any experienced pro punter will give you three tips when approach betting:

  • You need good bankroll management and a solid staking plan. It is easy to let passion rule your head with football, especially when it comes to top tier leagues.
  • Select the 3 – 5 sportsbooks that best complement your needs. Keep your priorities in mind, whether that means you want a good live betting platform, an efficient mobile app, or certain markets on niche sports.
  • Do as much research as you can. Look at statistics from a large sample of past matches. Study the present context. Follow the sport, identify the teams worth betting on, and focus on them. []

The Premier League – How Does It Work?

The English Premier League is the most prestigious English football tournament. 20 football clubs play against one another twice, one home and then away. 3 points are awarded for a win, 1 for draw and 0 for a defeat.  A total of 380 matches are played every season.

The team with the most points at the end of the season wins the Premier League title. The three teams who finish with the lowest amount of points face relegation to the Championship, the second tier of English Football. In turn, the three clubs that place highest in the Championship are promoted to the Premier League, replacing them.

The League, spanning from August up until Mary, attracts over 900 million homes in over 180 countries. It sees 20 football clubs competing against each other for a spot in the upper echelons of the scoreboard. Those who place in the top 10 are given entry to other leagues, with the top three positions qualifying for the following season of the UEFA Champions League group stages.

Which Bookmakers are best if you want to bet on the English Premier League?

We have sifted through online websites to find the bookmakers which put you in the best possible position to place stakes easily and wisely.

Our criteria was based on what kind of in-play betting platform the bookmakers provide, promotions and offers, their commission rates, and market opportunities.

All the Bookmakers in the list have a large selection of betting markets on both individual matches and outrights (futures). With bookmakers in this list, you can also opt for over / under betting. In this case, unless broad sample data shows otherwise, we suggest betting over / under the 2.5 score line.

Bet365 is a bookmaker that truly lives up to its name and reputation. It has a vast range of betting markets open for the upcoming Premier League, and head-to-head odds for the first three matches.

  • Bovada

The US based bookmaker caters to American residents who want to place bets on American sports as well as European, English and Asian markets. It has a fantastic reputation, and an extensive range of markets.

  • William Hill

William Hill has been in operations since 1934. They already have over 50 betting markets for the 2017/2018 Premier League, and this number will keep as new matches get closer.

  • Leo Vegas

The Swedish mobile betting company is perfect if you are a punter who is constantly on the move. They have an extensive list of markets on sports, and already have odds on all matches that will take place in August.

Unlike other bookmakers and online betting sites, Betfair has the advantage of having its own licensed betting exchange, which means they don’t build margins into the odds. If you want value odds and to maximise your profit, Betfair is the way to go.

  • Naira Bet

Unless you’re from Nigeria, you probably haven’t heard of this bookmaker. Naira Bet is one of the oldest and most established bookies in the Nigerian market, boast a stellar reputation, and offer odds on all major sports.

  • Pinnacle

Its low margins – high volume price model has made this bookmaker the Walmart of sports betting. It is straightforward, and unlike other bookmakers, it adopts a welcome winners policy, so successful punters are not restricted. This bookmaker is the best option for pro punters who have experience betting on the English Premier League.

Before you go,

With 380 games spread over 9 months, you can be assured that there will be as many markets as you want. However, one last tip: Instead of placing many bets on dozens of different markets, specialise and focus on 2 – 3 teams. Learn everything you can about them, and then bet on the wagers related to them.



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