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16 February 2018 Betting Tips

Event date: 17-19 February 2018
Event(s): Football, Cricket, Ice Hockey, Rugby
Selection: Various
Bookmaker:  Betfair SportsbookStan James, BetwayBetVictor
Rating: 2*, 3*, 4*

Different sports for this evenings tips, my favourite is with Stan James who are a few points out on the handicap for …

14 February 2018 Betting Tips

Event date: 14/15 February 2018
Event(s): Football, Tennis, Darts
Selection: Various
Bookmaker:  Betfair SportsbookStan JamesSkybetCoral
Rating: 2*, 3*, 4*

More tennis on the menu today as there are a range of tournaments happening around there world.  Betfair Sportsbook (and their sister Paddy Power) …

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9 February 2018 Betting Tips

Event date: 09/10/11 February 2018
Event(s): Football, Rugby Union
Selection: Various
Bookmaker: Betfair ExchangeBetfair SportsbookBetVictor Stan James
Rating: 3*, 4*

Bit of a scare yesterday as the blog was hacked and wiped, but somehow it has been restored, minus the posts from the last couple …

21 January 2018 Betting Tips

Event date: 21 January 2018
Event(s): Football, Rugby, Basketball
Selection: Various
Bookmaker: Betfair SportsbookStan James, Will Hill, Paddy Power
Rating: 3*, 4*

Hope your weekend is going well and that your bets are winning. I am 2 from 2 so far with a couple …

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19 January 2018 Betting Tips

Event date: 20,21,25 January 2018
Event(s): Football, Tennis, Rugby
Selection: Various
Bookmaker: Betfair Sportsbook, Bet365BwinBetwayStan James
Rating: 2*3*, 4*

Apologies for the delay in sending bets, my system went down so needed a couple of days to …

8 January 2018 Betting tips

Event date: 8, 9, 10 January 2018
Event(s): Football
Selection: Various
Bookmaker: Betfair Sportsbook, Paddy Power, BetVictor, Stan James
Rating: 2*, 3*

The lastof my tips (chronologically)looks at a very shaky Real Madrid, which has no doubt contributed to the decreasing odds on …

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Christmas Eve betting tips

Event date: Various
Event(s): Football, NFL, Rugby Union
Selection: Various
Bookmaker: Betfair Sportsbook, Stan James, BetVictor
Rating: Various

Afternoon, apologies for lack of tips over the last few days, I was away visiting family…just couldn’t find the time.  Making up for it today though with a bumper pack of tips …

23 November 2017 Betting tips

Event date: 23/4 November 2017
Event(s): Various
Selection: Various
Bookmaker: Various
Rating: 3*

Afternoon, quite a few tips this afternoon, all represent approximately the same value, hence the 3* rating for the lot of them. A range of sports and bookmakers, so hopefully there is something for everyone! I’m considering a Whatsapp tipping service, where I would send …

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17 November 2017 Betting Tips

Event date: 18 November 2017
Event(s): Cricket, Rugby
Selection: Various
Bookmaker: Stan James, Will Hill, Betway
Odds: Various
Rating: 4*/3*

Evening all, a couple of different sports in tonight’s tips to mix things up a bit. First up we have cricket and the Bangladesh Premier League which is …

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14 November 2017 Betting Tips

Event date: Various
Event(s): Football
Selection: Various
Bookmaker: Stan JamesCoral
Odds: Various
Rating: 3*/4*

There isn’t a lot of value to be found in sports for today as there just isn’t a lot going on, so am looking a bit further away at future football matches for today’s tips.  …


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