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23 January 2019 Betting Tips

Event date(s): 24-27 January 2019

Event(s): Football, Golf, Basketball, Cricket

Bookmaker(s):   Betfair SportsbookBetBright BetVictor Will HillUnibet 

Rating: 2*, 3*, 4*, 5*

Mixed results for the last bunch of tips, Nadal is looking great in the Australian Open, if you use Betfair and …

19 January 2019 Betting Tips

Event date(s): 19 January 2019

Event(s): Football, Tennis, Basketball, Darts

Bookmaker(s):   BwinNetbet NigeriaBetVictor Will HillUnibet 

Rating: 3*, 4*

Hi all, here are today’s tips:

Please click the links to sign up for accounts you dont have, where possible.  Getting …

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14 January 2019 Betting Tips

Event date(s): 14-24 January 2019

Event(s): Football, Tennis

Bookmaker(s): Netbet NigeriaBetfair SportsbookPaddy PowerBwinBetVictor , Will Hill

Rating: 3*, 4*

Afternoon, hope you had a great weekend.  Lots of winning tips from last couple of batches which keeps …

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8 January 2019 Betting Tips

Event date(s): 08-11 January 2019

Event(s): Football, Tennis

Bookmaker(s): Will HillBetfair SportsbookPaddy Power, Betvictor Betway

Rating: 3*, 4*

Morning, football & tennis for today’s tips. Please click the links to bet/sign up and hope there is something in there for you …

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21 December 2018 Betting Tips

Event date(s): 21-23 December 2018

Event(s): Football, NFL, Darts

Bookmaker(s): Netbet,  Will HillBetsafeBwin BetVictor

Rating: 3*, 4*, 5*

Hey all, penultimate round of tips before Christmas so hope these bring a bit of cheer to the household! Last batch were succesful …

22 November 2018 Betting Tips

Event date(s): Various
Event(s): Football, Basketball, Rugby, Cricket
Bookmaker(s): Will Hill, Betfair SportsbookNetbet, BetVictor
Rating:  3*, 4*

Hi all. Firstly a bit of non-tipping info, so I’ve mentioned this before but BetCraft has a charity which we help named TackleAfrica, I myself volunteer for them and …

16 November 2018 Betting Tips

Event date(s): Various
Event(s): Football, Basketball, NFL
Selection: Various
Bookmaker(s): Will HillBetwayBetVictor, Betfair Sportsbook
Rating:  2*, 3*, 4*

Morning all, no real domestic football to speak of so 3 tips from the internationals being played at the moment. Hope there is something useful here for …

13 November 2018 Betting Tips

Event date(s): Various
Event(s): Football, Tennis, Cricket
Selection: Various
Bookmaker(s): Will Hill, BwinBetwayBetVictorBetsafe
Rating:  2*, 3*, 4*

4/5 winners from last week’s tips, a nice return! I’ve been busy on other projects over the past few days so wasnt able to …

09 November 2018 Betting Tips

Event date(s): 9-11 November 2018
Event(s): Football, Basketball, Rugby, NFL
Selection: Various
Bookmaker(s): Will HillBwinBetwayUnibetBetVictor
Rating:  3*, 4*

50:50 so far from last batch of tips, all rests on Liverpool!  Here are some more for the weeked:


30 October 2018 Betting Tips

Event date(s): 30 October – 4 November 2018
Event(s): Football, Tennis, Basketball
Selection: Various
Bookmaker(s): Will Hill, Coral, BetVictorBetfair
Rating:  3*, 4*

Morning all, hope the weekend was great. The tips didn’t exactly excel over the weekend but that is the way it goes sometimes, the …


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