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23 October 2019 Betting Tips

Evening all, tips coming up after this but just a quick aside, I work as a consultant for a new betting start up called ‘Prophet‘ . It works as an alternative to bookmaker cashout, giving you a better price for your cashout. It is currently only available in the UK but if you are interested either go take a look  or send me a message and I’ll give you some …

10 February 2019 Betting Tips

Event date(s): 10 February 2019

Event(s): Football, Tennis, Rugby League, Basketball

Bookmaker(s): Betfair Sportsbook,  NetbetBetway, UnibetWill Hill

Rating: 3*, 4*

Hi all, conference is over and I’m back at home now so bring on the tips! February has been great so …

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02 February 2019 Betting Tips

Event date(s): 02-03 Feb 2019

Event(s): Football, Tennis, Basketball

Bookmaker(s): Betfair Sportsbook,  Netbet, BetsafeBwin , Betway

Rating: 3*, 4*

Hi all, weekend’s tip below.  Betsafe/Betsson (same company, different name depending on where you are accessing from) seem to regularly make a mess of the corner …

26 January 2019 Betting Tips

Event date(s): 26-29 January 2019

Event(s): Football, Rugby, Cricket

Bookmaker(s):   Betfair SportsbookWill HillUnibet , Betsafe

Rating: 3*, 4*, 5*

Hi all, some nice wins from the last lot of tips, I think that January has been a pretty profitable month so far but will know for …

16 January 2019 Betting Tips

Event date(s): 17 January 2019

Event(s): Football, Tennis, NBA

Bookmaker(s):  Betfair SportsbookPaddy PowerBwin, Coral

Rating: 3*, 4*

Hi all, here are today’s tips:

Please click the links to sign up for accounts you dont have, where possible.  Getting the best odds is …

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14 January 2019 Betting Tips

Event date(s): 14-24 January 2019

Event(s): Football, Tennis

Bookmaker(s): Netbet NigeriaBetfair SportsbookPaddy PowerBwinBetVictor , Will Hill

Rating: 3*, 4*

Afternoon, hope you had a great weekend.  Lots of winning tips from last couple of batches which keeps …

10 January 2019 Betting Tips

Event date(s): Various in January!

Event(s): Football, Tennis, NFL, Cricket

Bookmaker(s): Netbet NigeriaBetfair SportsbookPaddy PowerUnibetBwin

Rating: 2*,3*, 4*

Although Chelsea narrowly lost the first leg I’m doubling down on them to qualify, simply because the …

16 November 2018 Betting Tips

Event date(s): Various
Event(s): Football, Basketball, NFL
Selection: Various
Bookmaker(s): Will HillBetwayBetVictor, Betfair Sportsbook
Rating:  2*, 3*, 4*

Morning all, no real domestic football to speak of so 3 tips from the internationals being played at the moment. Hope there is something useful here for …

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15 May 2018 Betting Tips

Event date: 16/17/18 May 2018
Event(s): Football, Darts, Tennis, Rugby League
Selection: Various
Bookmaker:  BetVictorBetfair SportsbookPaddy PowerBetsafe
Rating: 2*, 3*

Hope you all had a great weekend and make a pot of money through betting on sports! A few tips on today’s offering that …

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16 April 2018 Betting Tips

Event date:18/21 April 2018

Event(s): Football, Aussie Rules

Selection: Various

Bookmaker: CoralBetsafe BetfairBetVictor

Rating:  3*, 4*

Just an update on the new community, over 210 of you have joined, so that is most appreciated and I hope that you are …


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