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Sports Betting 101 – how I made £1000 part 2

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This is the 2nd part of my 3 part step by step guide to getting started making approximately £50 per hour with BetCraft’s tips. If you haven’t followed the steps in post 1 and 2 then please go back and start there first. Once you’ve done that you will have your accounts opened at 2 bookies and be ready to start placing bets.
But first here are few key points to remember about following these tips:

The tips have making people money week on week consistently since they started as you can see here
It takes less than 2-3 hours a week
Following all of the tips I made over £500 last month
That is tax free money, betting duty was abolishing in 2001 so there is no tax to be paid on your winnings in the UK. You don’t even need to declare it to HMRC
Lets get back to the guide, here are the final steps:

10. Follow the results of your bets live

The work section is done, you’ve placed your bet now you just need to wait for the match / race and watch for the result. I recommend the following to keep up to date
Football –
Horse racing –
Others –
Hopefully (and more than likely) your first bet was a winner! If it wasn’t don’t worry, it happens! If you stick to the tips and betting with the amounts from the 5* guide you will make money. Remember the longest run of losing bets so far is 3!

11. Record your bets and profit

As your bets are placed and the results come in its important to keep track of the performance of your bets so you know how you’re doing. I recommend simply recording the details of the bet in a note on your phone / ipad / computer. This will also be possible in the BetCraft app coming soon but for now a list will be good enough.

12. Withdraw your winnings from your account

I’d advise leaving your winnings in your account at first if you can to build up a good balance to allow you to place bigger bets to drive bigger winnings

If you started with £50 I recommend to bet £5 on each 1* tip. Then after a couple of weeks let’s say your account is £100, you should be betting £10 on 1* tips and £18 on 5* tips, so your winnings will be double than if you were betting only the £5 to £9 you were when your account was smaller.

Betting £10 on each tip is probably too risky when you only have £50 in your account, if there is an unlikely run of a few losing bets in a row you could potentially lose the whole account. But with only £5 bets it’s very unlikely for there to be 10 losing bets in a row. You can check the past performance in the results page of the blog.
If you do want to take some of the winnings out of your account then you can do that online, you don’t need to go to the bookies’ store. Again they’re all different but you can take money out of your account using the withdraw function usually in my bets. It’s a similar process to depositing, you withdraw back to the same card you used to deposit.

Ok, lets recap what we covered in this post:

You followed the result of your bet live
You recorded your bet and your profit
You learned about building up your account balance and withdrew the winnings from your account

That’s the end of this 3 part series, hopefully you have been able to place your first bet and have your first winner. If you stick with the tips and the 5* ratings then you will make money week on week, month on month!

Look out for the video series to accompany the blog, coming soon

If you have any questions or comments please let us know below, we’d love you hear from you!

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