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Results so far

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This blog was started just over 6 weeks ago with the aim of providing betting advice and offering tips which show that, in the long run, betting on value will be profitable.
I initially started out with a flat £10 staking system but have recently switched to a more flexible ratings system which calculates how valuable each bet it and accordingly determines how much should be wagered.
As of today’s date the tips would have made anyone who followed each one a profit of £316.99. Every individual is able to bet more or less according to their personal circumstances so this number of course will differ from person to person but the bottom line is that we are in profit, and great profit at that!
Whilst there will inevitably be downs and weeks that are less profitable, even negative, if you keep placing these bets, these bets that offer odds better than the true outcome, then profit will ultimately reign.

I hope what you have read so far has been of use, more blog posts will be added by myself and Andrew, as well as potentially others in the future. Please let me know if you would like advice on anything, or would like to see more tips on a specific sport/market. Just send an email to or through our contact section.

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