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Fixed Matches

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So, you are seeing this page because I have sent you here.

What has almost certainly happened is that you saw a bit of one of my articles about fixed matches on the internet, saw my number and then contacted me.

The problem is that you didn’t bother to read the entire article.  The article was written to stop you from being scammed by people offering fake ‘fixed’ matches.

Read this and understand, YOU WILL NEVER FIND A GENUINE SOURCE OF FIXED MATCHES. Forget it, stop wasting your time and money or you will become yet another person who has lost their money to thieving scammers. I have talked to hundreds who have lost money. Don’t become another number.

If you want to talk to me about tips and advice then fine. If you keep asking me about fixed matches I will block you.

Here is one of my articles

If you can be bothered to read it it will save you money

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