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6 December 2018 Betting

Event date(s): 07/09 December 2018

Event(s): Football, Rugby, NFL, MMA

Bookmaker(s): Betfair Sportsbook,  Betway, Paddy Power, Coral, Bwin

Rating: 2*, 3*, 4*

Evening, a few tips for a Thursday night, a bit later than I would normally post but has been a busy day! …

4 December 2018 Betting Tips

Event date(s): Various

Event(s): Football, Basketball, NFL, Cricket

Bookmaker(s): Betfair Sportsbook, Will HillNetbet, Betway, Paddy Power

Rating: 2*, 3*, 4*

Hi all, hope the weekend was good and profitable! Heading into the busy season with winter sports as the number of football games …

01 December 2018 Betting Tips

Event date(s): 01 December 2018
Event(s): Football, Basketball, Snooker
Bookmaker(s): Bwin, Will HillNetbet, Coral
Rating: 3*, 4*, 5*

Quick tips as I’m pressed for time! 5 for the weekend:

Again there is a tip with Netbet Nigeria, so Nigerian follows please sign up for an account …

28 November 2018 Betting Tips

Event date(s): 28 November 2018
Event(s): Football, Basketball, Snooker
Bookmaker(s): Bwin, Betfair SportsbookNetbet, Betway, Coral
Rating: 3*, 4*

So everytime I gloat about the success rates of the tips I seem to be hit with a bad batch – instant karma! Lesson learned, no more gloating …

25 November 2018 Betting Tips

Event date(s): 25 November 2018
Event(s): Football, Basketball, Rugby, NFL
Bookmaker(s): Will Hill, Betfair SportsbookNetbet, Betway
Rating: 2*, 3*, 4*

One tip outstanding from last batch, 3 winners and 1 void so far, so looking good!

Just a reminder for the many, many Nigerians who receive …

22 November 2018 Betting Tips

Event date(s): Various
Event(s): Football, Basketball, Rugby, Cricket
Bookmaker(s): Will Hill, Betfair SportsbookNetbet, BetVictor
Rating:  3*, 4*

Hi all. Firstly a bit of non-tipping info, so I’ve mentioned this before but BetCraft has a charity which we help named TackleAfrica, I myself volunteer for them and …


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