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Care with accumulators

Have you ever wondered why bookmakers are so happy to offer promotions on accumulators? Well there are 2 reasons for that:

1) Punters love them!
2) The odds that are offered in accumulators are faaar different from the true odds, and for every additional pick, they get further away still.

So, why is this?

It all comes back to value (of course!).

Let’s assume we …

Why bet the handicap?

This will be the final post in the short series on handicaps. I provided a brief introduction to
handicaps , before going into detail on both asian and three-way handicaps.
I now want to explore a few of the times where betting the handicap may be beneficial to you.
1) Better odds. I touched upon this a couple of times during the blog posts, but …

Asian handicaps

Following on from my previous blog post, we delve into the world of asian handicaps…

Whilst asian handicaps are strictly only applicable to football (soccer), the principal is the same as a spread bet in US sports (with the handicap applied to the final score after any overtime).

Asian handicaps reduce the number of betting options available from 3, on the moneyline or match result, to 2 where, as previously …

Handicaps (not the horse type!)

Whilst a seasoned punter will have no problem with navigating the different types of handicaps offered in sports betting, someone new to the game will be less at ease. Here, and in the subsequent blog posts, I explain what a handicap means, the different types offered by bookmakers and when you might prefer to bet this market over the more traditional moneyline.
Now, firstly, whilst researching this post I came across the origin …


It is safe to say that value is the single most important factor in being a successful long-term punter. Without value you will almost certainly be down, whilst if you are able to identify it, you are likely to be in profit.
The definition of a value bet is where the odds that you take are higher than the true likelihood of that outcome occurring. The easiest way to illustrate this is with …


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