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What to consider when placing a bet?

Find out the answer on my new video blog!

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Gambling Addiction Part II: FOBTs

When I am asked by people what I do for a living, and reply that I am a professional gambler, a follow-up question that I sometime receive is “Are you not addicted?”

For me the concept of a professional addicted gambler is somewhat oxymoronic. In order to be a professional I must regularly make money; in order to make money I must avoid straying from whichever method has given me success and …

Betting on Tennis

Guest article on tennis


We, at, have been betting on tennis for 16 years now: we simply love it!
“It has been so long that I cannot even remember my first bet”.

Yes, it really has been that long! In the meantime, my passion for tennis betting gave me the
chance to work as a trader for one of …

Gambling addiction a cautionary tale

In the UK gambling is everywhere. Bookmakers all over the highstreets, adverts polluting TV & internet and betting is becoming synonymous with sports, if you believe what you read, you shouldn’t be able to enjoy watching a game without betting on it.  Every year brings new record profits and yet more customers for the top bookmakers so the danger is there to fall into the trap of believing that betting needs to be part …

Top Bookmakers for the Premier League

Hi, please find below an article from our friends at

In the punting world, Autumn 2017 is a cornucopia of betting opportunities.

On the 18th of August, Germany’s primary football competition, the Bundesliga kicked off. A week later, the legendary Mayweather and infamous McGregor duelled in one of the most lucrative matches in combat sports history.

And on the 11th, Arsenal and Leicester …

Week ending 28 May 2017

I have just updated the results page to include all of last week’s tips. To summarise:
Total Placed: 24
Won: 13
Lost: 10
Open: 1
Profit: £116.45


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