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Results Jan-Mar 2018

Tipping results for the first 3 months of the year have now been updated (long overdue I know) and can be found in the Results section.

There was a nice, steady profit for each of the months totalling about 450 GBP for the period so 2018 has started off well 🙂

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Five reasons to use a VPN when placing online bets

My life as a professional sport gambler over the past 14 years has allowed me to travel to some pretty great countries.  I have been through Central America twice, driven a Land Rover around Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil and the Guyanas (including taking a boat up the Amazon), snorkelled with whale sharks and wandered around with Orang-utans deep in the Borneo jungle.

During each of these adventures I have continued to bet online, …

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5 tips to avoid problem gambling

Fresh from the editing room, my new video blog post addressing problem gambling in light of Gambling Awareness week.

For other video posts please go to my Vlog page or Youtube channel.

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Squeezing value from interrelated markets

I often talk about value and that the key to winning on sports betting in the long term is the ability to find it.

One trick that can be used to squeeze out every last drop of value is to consider interrelated markets.  Bookmakers offer a huge range of betting markets on each sporting event, some of which are identical to one another but may offer differing odds.  Take the …

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What to consider when placing a bet?

Find out the answer on my new video blog!

All videos can (and will) be found in the Vlog section.

Any questions that you would like answered in future videos please send to or simply leave a comment

Gambling Addiction Part II: FOBTs

When I am asked by people what I do for a living, and reply that I am a professional gambler, a follow-up question that I sometime receive is “Are you not addicted?”

For me the concept of a professional addicted gambler is somewhat oxymoronic. In order to be a professional I must regularly make money; in order to make money I must avoid straying from whichever method has given me success and …


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