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BetCraft has a section to the blog entitled ‘Bookmakers’ which contains information about many of the bookmakers that I have used and found to be useful in the past. I have offered this as a reference tool where readers can see information regarding offers that each bookmaker has, not solely their sign-up offers as often details disappear into the small print.

There are some fantastic regular offers provided by bookmakers which, if known about, could sway a punter to place a bet with them on a particular market rather than elsewhere, even if odds are better elsewhere. It is just a case of knowing.

Additionally, I have provided information on each site, such as currencies offered and payment methods.

In this section, and throughout the site, there are links to bookmakers, some of which I am affiliated with, and some I am not. Affiliate relationships exist throughout the internet and allow companies to work in conjunction with third parties by placing links or banners on that third party website in exchange for a commission. Commission works differently depending on the industry or the company involved, but the underlying principal remains the same.

The bookmakers that I review and the products that I may write about are ones that I have used and ones that I know inside out. I would be happy to answer any question on any bookmaker which appears anywhere on this blog. The reviews are also honest, if I don’t like something, I won’t shy away from writing about it.

I just wanted to be clear that I would never consider having an affiliate relationship with a company which I would not or do not use myself. I guess that makes sense, as this blog is about me and my bets and my methods right?

If you do want to sign up to a bookmaker through an affiliate link then I just have one small request…would you please clear your cookies before clicking the link? That ensures that the account is linked correctly and that we can pick up the income which goes towards site maintenance and the steady flow of those quality tips 🙂

Full disclosure!

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