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A little bit about me

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I thought I’d use this blog post to delve a little bit into my past, and to how I got to where I am today.

Many years ago, straight out of university, I was working for a bank. It was a job with a career path and opportunities, but nothing spectacular. I started, in much the same way as many punters do today, by taking advantage of account opening offers that bookmakers provided (and still provide) but soon took an interest in the numbers behind the offers. I wanted to know which offer was the best, how I could maximise the profit from each offer, where I could find more; this was in the days before moneysavingexpert and rpoints and whichever other sites give tutorials on how to make to most of the offers.

I discovered betfair, I learned about how to use that tool (I’ll provide a tutorial in a blog post shortly as it is essential to understand how to use betfair effectively) and I educated myself on what value means and how to spot it. My theory wasn’t complicated and relied upon inefficiencies in bookmaker odds and how to find them (as it does today), but it took time and effort.

I was able to start finding bets that others weren’t spotting, able to see where one or several bookmakers’ positions were slightly incorrect, where a drift had been missed in the market. These bets were profitable, and they still are.

I left my job, I left the UK and I started an adventure that would end more than 11 years later. I moved to Colombia, travelled the length and breadth of Latin America, all the while being able to finance my travels by logging into internet cafes (no wi-fi then!!) and placing bets. I had become a professional gambler, not limited by offices, bosses or timetables, only limited by when and where I was able to find internet.

A few years ago I was moderating a forum and was introduced to a developer with an idea. That idea was to find a way of automating the discovery of value and placing of value bets. It took about 2 years of trial and error, lots of mistakes and quite a lot of time and money invested but the ‘bot’ has now been working for over 18 months. The bets that I tip on my blog are often a result of the bot, others are still from my manual searches as it is difficult to encapsulate everything inside a machine.

I’m back in the UK now, I had a great time wandering the world, and I must have explained 1,000 times to 1,000 interested backpackers what I do! If you are interested in finding out more, then just ask. Good luck!

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